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Results; The results show that the rate of drug absorption from the chewing gum formulation is significantly faster and may indicate absorption through the buccal mucosa. In addition, the gum and capsule formulations for the 100 and 200 mg groups deliver nearly comparable amounts of caffeine to the systemic circulation. These findings suggest that there may be an earlier onset of the pharmacological effects of caffeine given as a chewing gum formulation; this is advantageous in situations where rapid reversal of alertness and performance deficits resulting from sleep loss is desired.

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Purposes: To compare the effects of caffeinated gum (40 mg), placebo gum, and no gum conditions on mood and attention. Note: (1 Frêg dragee contains 50 mg of caffeine.)

Methods: A double-blind, placebo-controlled study was conducted with volunteers randomly assigned to one of the three conditions. Baseline measures of mood and attention were taken before chewing, followed by a testing session. One hundred and eighteen young adults participated in the study.

Results: Caffeinated gum was associated with a more positive mood and better performance in tasks that require sustained attention. Caffeine increased the rate at which new information was encoded, which was consistent with previous findings. Chewing a placebo gum was also found to be associated with a more positive mood both shortly after chewing and at the end of the study.

Results: The results of this study show that chewing caffeinated gum improves performance efficiency and mood with its stimulating and energizing effects. The profile of caffeine effects is what can be predicted from the available caffeine literature, and such effects can be extremely useful in real-life situations. Prior chewing of placebo gum was associated with a more positive mood, confirming previous findings as well.


5) For aviators; Caffeinated gum as a precaution against fatigue during flight;

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