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The difference of freg


2 pieces

Freg Dragee


1 pieces

energy drink


1 cup



Neden Enerji Sakızı ?

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Frêg, as the name suggests, is an energy gum. Almost all energy gums are originally from America. Originally developed for the U.S. Army, the caffeinated energy chewing gum then gained immense popularity among athletes, drivers, and students all over Europe. The cognitive benefits of chewing were known for a long time, but the link with caffeine was never established until 1998.

Caffeine and components taken with chewing gum dissolve in amylase/saliva after chewing and rapidly mix with the blood in a short time like 10 minutes from the oral mucosa under the tongue. Caffeine taken through coffee and energy drinks is absorbed from the gastrointestinal (digestive) system, which causes the effect expected from caffeine to take a very long time, such as 40-45 minutes.

Caffeine chewing gum is still in the US Army's carry-on bag today, as it is both more practical and has a faster effect.


A study conducted at Northumbria University in England showed that caffeinated gum affects the ability to learn, the capacity to memorize and remember information. It has been observed that using caffeinated gum while performing mnemonic and attention tests improves short-term memory by up to 24% and long-term memory by up to 36% (2)



Balanced formulation of 7 active ingredients

Chewing gum helps maintain focus and mental energy.

enerji sakızı konuşanlar

It is practical and effortless to transport and consume.

Immediate effect from the first use.

Thanks to the gum format, you can use it in any situation. While running, driving, studying etc.


Aspartame, Acesulfame, Taurine
and Sugar Free.

Gluten Free and Lactose Free.

It is vegan friendly.

Halal Certified.

It is tooth friendly.

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